Want to stand out from the crowd

And, get on the first page of Google?

You can!

Getting ranked on page one of Google's search results is the holy-grail of an online marketing plan and it’s what most businesses strive for.

If you’re lucky enough to achieve that top spot, then you can pretty much guarantee your website will get more traffic and click-throughs.

This means more leads and more potential sales.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

SEO is all about optimising your website with certain key words and phrases to boost your site’s authority with Google and other search engines.

When people search for something online, they generally don’t look past page one of the search results. SEO-driven website copy increases your chances of showing up on that first page.


How can an SEO Copywriter improve your website?

  • SEO Copywriters can undertake a website audit – we review your website to see how SEO-friendly it is and what needs to be done to get you ranking higher with search engines.
  • Perform a key word analysis on your website. It’s a process of researching and analysing all the words and search terms used in your industry for the type of product or service you sell.
  • An SEO copywriter will do competitor key word research – we’ll see what the competition is up to and how we can do it better!
  • SEO copywriters can optimise your existing website copy with relevant key words or completely re-write the content for you.
  • We create engaging and relevant copy that not only makes the search engines happy but keeps your customers happy too!
  • SEO copywriters provide ongoing SEO content in the form of blogs, articles and information products (such as e-books) so your website stays current and relevant. This is key as it adds value to your customer’s experience and shows the search engines that you regularly update your website, boosting your ranking further.

Don’t waste your time or money on paid-per-click ads or link-building farms.

Organic traffic wins hands-down, every time.

Your customers need to be able to know they can trust you. By providing SEO-driven, quality content that adds value to their user-experience will get them coming back to you, time and time again, because they know you can deliver.

Ready to get your SEO strategy in place?

Sure am!