Need a Copywriter who's also a Health & Wellness expert?

You've found her!

If you’re in the health & wellness industry and need a specialist health copywriter – you’ve come to the right place!

As a qualified naturopath and nutritionist, I’m an expert in the health and wellness field. I’ve also been a health blogger for many years and written my own e-books.

Quite often in the health industry, there’s a tendency to overcomplicate things with jargon and technical information that people simply don’t understand. I’ve got the know-how and expertise to break down complex facts into bite-size chunks that the average person can relate to it and engage with.

I’m also a devoted customer within the health and wellness industry. What this means is that at some stage, I’ve probably bought a product or service similar to the one you sell or I’m interested in buying it in the future.

This makes me the perfect person to write your copy – I can relate to your customer’s needs, wants and fears.

And most importantly, I know what makes them tick.

With this information, I’ll be able to transform your copy so it appeals to your customers - someone like me!


As a health copywriter, I can help with:

  • Researching interesting and trending topics – the health and wellness industry is so fast-moving that it’s hard to stay abreast of new fads and important data.
  • Website copywriting – ensure your website copy flows and engages your readers.
  • SEO copywriting – get ahead of your competition by taking out the top spot in Google.
  • Content Marketing – I can create engaging blogs, social media posts and e-books for your customers and ensure your website stays current.
  • Ghostwriting books and feature articles – I’ll write the words as though they came straight out of your mouth. You get credibility, kudos and free publicity!
  • Press Releases – getting media exposure is a sure-fire way to position yourself as an expert in your field.

Need some help with your health copy?

Sure do!